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I have the 1961 "Betty Crocker's New Picture Cookbook". It's been my most-used cookbook since I got it when I got married in 1967. The recipe for "Canned Cherry Pie" is on page 347. In this version, the fruit and juice are measured separately. For 9" pie, use 1/2 c juice and 3 1/2 c cherries. For 8", use 1/2 c juice and 2 1/2 c cherries. All remaining ingredients are the same.

Below it is the one-sentence recipe for Frozen Fruit Pie which simply says to use the above recipe except reduce the sugar by 1/2 c. (Reducing the sugar makes no sense to me. Or is frozen fruit sugared?)

A note at the bottom of the page says that you can avoid cooking the filling by substituting for the flour thickener. Use "2 1/2 to 3 tbsp. quick-cooking tapioca for 9" pie, 1 1/2 to 2 tbsp. for 8" pie". "Combine sugar, spices, tapioca. Mix through fruit and juice before pouring into pastry-lined pie pan." That makes it sound like the only reason for cooking the canned-cherry filling is to cook the flour. I guess the fruit is cooked enough in the canning process.

I'm loving your baking adventures and your harp music!

Anne Morse Hambrock

Becky - that is all very interesting! Thank you!

I've purposely been making the point that I'm using the 1950 edition because of exactly what you are pointing out - that later editions are quite different in both page numbers and specific recipes.

I'll keep your comments in mind if I try this recipe again.

So glad you are enjoying the blog - please feel free to pass links to friends if you think they would enjoy also :-)


The flour in the filling is what makes it so firm you can eat a slice like you would eat a sandwich. It's also very good with almond extract, which makes it taste like marciano cherries.


I have always used tapioca and do not cook filling first. Just put almond flavor tapioca. Drain pie cherries but leave 1/2 cup juice with berries and sugar

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