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Joan Montgomery

My Grandmothers original Betty Crocker Cook Book was given to me as a wedding present in 1963. My Apple Pie was a top winner as we lived in Washington State where the most delicious Apples are grown.

Paula Rettle

I have been trying to find the English Pastry recipe in older Betty Crocker cook books. We used it for pot pies. It made an excellent crust.

Anne Morse Hambrock


I got out my copy and found the recipe on page 315. I cannot put an image here in the comments so I've put it on a separate page for you if you click this link. https://overbookedandunderpaid.typepad.com/overbooked-and-underpaid/english-pastry.html

Hope this helps!

Anne Morse Hambrock


I'm not surprised - the combination of Washington apples and the BC piecrust is surely a winning strategy!

Although I bet you have some of your own touches that make your pie extra delicious!



Thanks so much. I'm 38. My father was born in 34. I am still stuck on making so many things from scratch. This cookbook was in our kitchen drawer at all times. It is currently misplaced and i am grateful to locate the dough recipe here. I am making a peach and bb cobbler to take to a Water dinner. Happy baking. Xo

Anne Morse Hambrock

Sydney - happy to be able to help!

I was able to find copies for my kids on ebay for what that's worth :-)


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