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Shawn 'Smith" Peirce

Love both the blog and the cartoon, Anne & John. And Anne, you're right - the Illness Care system in this IS screwed up -- which is why I work 18 hour days, five days a week, beating back the idiots. ;-D

Sorry I couldn't get the country's health system fixed before you broke you leg. :-(

J. Lemon

Get well soon Anne.

Premnath Kudva

Quite a courageous act Anne, got here from the link you provided on John's Facebook status comments.

Stephen Beals

Ok, here are the thoughts that somehow didn't post when I hurriedly typed them:

I would be the first to trip over such a fence.

My uncle did serious damage to his leg by climbing over a small barbed wire fence. I'm starting to think fences are evil.

My wife has been through several health scares recently (including a breast cancer scare that isn't cancer but still requires surgery). We would be DEAD financially if it weren't for PCIP. This is the government's new pre-existing health care system. If you're denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition before the new laws take effect, you can get health insurance this way. It's saved us mucho money.

There's been so many artists that I've loved over the years who've been somewhat helpless while fighting cancer or some other health problem and I really hope that won't be as big of a problem in the future.

I, myself, was out a few thousand bucks when the trunk lid of my car closed on my hand (and latched shut). I broke a finger and fractured another.

That was my little health insurance rant. I really hope you heal up nicely. It sounds like you need to be reminded not to overdo it!



Yes, it is unfortunate that so many people don't have adequate health insurance, particularly self employed folks such as John and me. I maintain that most of the people in this country who are against healthcare reform are ignorant about coverage - they may think they have a good plan because they have never tried to actually file a claim. THATS when you really find out what's what.

I will be blogging a lot about this - I think it is criminal the way the healthcare reform law has been vilified. I'm already seeing big differences in how the doctors and insurance are handling me than in years past.

That car trunk incident sounds PAINFUL! If I had done that it would have ended my harp playing career!


Thanks for all the kind comments everyone! I met with the ortho surgeon today and we're giving it another week to see if I'll need surgery. He's thinking maybe not. Which would make me ecstatic!!


S Revis

Anne, how is it going ? can I or Brenna do anything ? I agree with the health care issue. We have insurance through Don's work, but I know so many people who have nothing. I've been involved with a group called "The War against Women". It's a national and state organization that is made up of men and women who are tired of lawmakers attack on women's rights. Either health care issues, equal pay,voting, etc. check it out in your "down time".

anne hambrock


Going OK. I thought I would be blogging more about it but I'm so danged tired all the time :-)

Brenna mentioned food and I am sure John would welcome a little bite of something. He's been doing all the cooking since I went down.

As far as the insurance goes, we haven't gotten our first bill yet - I'll be very curious to see how it all goes with health care reform. In 1997 Alex broke his arm and it took us 2 years to pay it off!

And I'll check out that site!


That is so awful, Anne. I hope you make a swift recovery!


Thanks Benita! I'm trying :-)

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