overbook: transitive verb: to issue reservations for (as an airplane flight - or in our case, items to be accomplished) in excess of the space available.

similar words: over committed, over optimistic, stretched too thin, squeezed.

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Tom Racine

Good LORD woman...that is amazing stuff. The sheer size of those trees...from WIND. Nature...she is a serious b*tch goddess sometimes. Thank goodness you guys are OK and your home in good shape as well. In San Diego, "weather" is something we hear about in song and legend...

Mark Tatulli

And here I am sitting all angry because two GPSs' were stolen from our cars. Thanks for helping me to keep things in perspective.

Mark Tatulli

anne hambrock

@ Tom,

Yeah we were very, very lucky! There was one fatality - a guy on a motorcycle was hit by a tree and killed instantly!

@ Mark

Well , getting stuff stolen from your car DOES totally suck even if is isn't as bad as a tree falling on your house!

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