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Mike Peterson

5.30 AM - Make coffee, let puppy out, let puppy in, feed puppy, pour coffee, update website.

8 AM - Consider going to dog park. Decide against it. Move car up to end of driveway so plow guy can do whole driveway.

Um ... that was pretty much my whole day.


Wow...you guys really got hit! We had a snow day here expecting the worst...we got a little snow but nothing that couldn't be dealt or considered out of the ordinary for this time of year. But that big freeze is here...it's feeling bitter out there today.

anne hambrock

@Mike, never, ever again will I house break a puppy in the winter. Brrrrr! Did you get any snow?

@Sandra, yeah we got walloped all right! And, as predicted, the deep freeze moved in last night. All that shoveling was a pain but we would not have gotten a second chance.

Stay warm everybody!

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