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Bo Lumpkin

I love my dog because no one has ever loved me like he does. No one else jumps up and down, shouts, spins around in circles, and loses bladder control because they are glad to see me. He is old now but when they have to put him down they might have to put me down too.

Jordan 4

Morality may consist solely in the courage of making a choice. (Leon Nlum, French statesman)

Parker Mackowiak

Part of the pain is because of the fact that domestic pets have a shorter life span compared to their owners. So no matter how difficult a pet may be, this fact should make us love them more. It takes courage to move on, because they have become a part of the family. But if they were given optimum care and love, then it is safe to assume that they've led wonderful lives. Thanks for sharing Lucky's story. =D

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