overbook: transitive verb: to issue reservations for (as an airplane flight - or in our case, items to be accomplished) in excess of the space available.

similar words: over committed, over optimistic, stretched too thin, squeezed.

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    dave nelson

    Good advice, Anne. Although "staycations" take a real mental commitment for the overbooked. Goofing off at home can make you feel guilty and depressed. I find giving myself a (sometimes easy, sometimes challenging) goal to accomplish on Friday is a good way to feel justified in lounging around on Saturday.

    Anne Morse Hambrock


    I hear you! I always have an easier time giving myself a staycation if I A) work super hard in advance to avoid the guilt of down time (as you said) or B) take a personal "exploring day". On those days I just gas up the car, grab my purse and the GPS (in case I can't find my way back home again) and hit the road wandering. I seldom spend any money. It's just good to get out and explore.


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    I was raised with a Scots/German dedication to setting goals. I imagine this was to teach me discipline and help me maintain a forward momentum. I'm sure it was not to create a constant sense of inadequacy. That was just a bonus.

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