overbook: transitive verb: to issue reservations for (as an airplane flight - or in our case, items to be accomplished) in excess of the space available.

similar words: over committed, over optimistic, stretched too thin, squeezed.

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    A dog will only eat a wasabi pea off the floor once.

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    Charcoal is a source of fire we can used this to cooked and I don't see any matter eating a pizza from charcoal thus, this look so delicious.

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    Thanks for a good belly laugh. They say laughter is good for your health but I don't think your food preparation results would be!I probably laughed because it brought back some wonderful memories of threading bacon on sticks to cook it over the camp fire when our pans were left in their box at home.Don't try it.We nearly started a forest fire. Not a laughing matter..
    Lists and checking them twice before leaving home helped us enjoy many real"camp fire" cooked meals. I recommend it to anyone.

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    I was raised with a Scots/German dedication to setting goals. I imagine this was to teach me discipline and help me maintain a forward momentum. I'm sure it was not to create a constant sense of inadequacy. That was just a bonus.

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