overbook: transitive verb: to issue reservations for (as an airplane flight - or in our case, items to be accomplished) in excess of the space available.

similar words: over committed, over optimistic, stretched too thin, squeezed.

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    A dog will only eat a wasabi pea off the floor once.

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    You're really a resourceful person! I love it how you recycled the old crappy jeans into a more useful rug. I learned an important recycle thing in this post. I would definitely try it because I have a lot of crappy jeans and clothes in my wardrobe. This may really help to reduce the mess in my room. Thanks a lot! =)

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    I was raised with a Scots/German dedication to setting goals. I imagine this was to teach me discipline and help me maintain a forward momentum. I'm sure it was not to create a constant sense of inadequacy. That was just a bonus.

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